Attilio Maranzano, Courtesy of Fondazione Prada, Milan


Conceived by the renowned Belgian-German artist Carsten Höller, the Double Club was a Fondazione Prada project located in an old Victorian warehouse in central London open to the public from November 2008 to July 2009.

The Double Club consisted three spaces: a bar, a restaurant and a disco. Each space was divided into equally-sized Western and Congolese sections on both a decorative and functional level, with the aim of generating an inspiring perspective of identity and cultural coexistence.

At the invitation of Carsten Höller, Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram designed key elements of the Western sections, and lent the artist technical expertise in the production of other pieces throughout the Double Club.

ArtistCarsten Höller
ClientFondazione Prada
Design WestClemens Weisshaar, Reed Kram, Carsten Höller
Design CongoBellou Luvuadio Bengo, Carsten Höller
Project directorJan Kennedy
Operating partner food, beverage & musicMourad Mazouz
Music WestRichard Mortimer, Steve Mackey
Music CongoRéginal Kudiwu, Popol Mukelenge, Stern Music
Main chefDavid Simons
Lightning consultantArnold Chan

The Double Club was a not-for-profit project – 50 per cent of profits were donated to the City of Joy charity that generates specialised projects to help abused women and children in the Congo.

The Double Club model

The Double Club Discotheque
Attilio Maranzano, Courtesy of Fondazione Prada, Milan

The DJ at the Double Club Disco played on a rotating circular dance floor which slowly revolved at about one turn per hour, in a room that was divided by an imaginary diagonal line. When the DJ was in the Western half of the room, Western music was played, and when the rotation reached the Congolese half the music switched to Congolese.

The Double Club Bar
Attilio Maranzano, Courtesy of Fondazione Prada, Milan

The courtyard was at the heart of the Double Club experience. The space was divided into four slices: two Western and two Congolese, and was covered with a glass roof lending it a special outdoor feeling. A double-fronted centrepiece bar designed by KRAM/WEISSHAAR and Höller occupied the central space.

The Double Club Restaurant
Attilio Maranzano, Courtesy of Fondazione Prada, Milan

The Double Club restaurant served two menus in parallel: authentic, family-style Congolese dishes, and a Western offering that focused on simple European bistro classics. Congolese and Western food was served on Congolese tables or on KRAM/WEISSHAAR designed BREEDING TABLES, of which each were unique.