The site-specific installation VTOL (VERTICAL TAKEOFF AND LANDING) was first presented in the courtyard of the baroque Garden Palace of the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna at the opening of the 2009 Vienna Design Week.

A twisting, mirrored surface 100 square metres in size, and only 13mm thick, VTOL appears to float weightlessly above the ground on a mirrored pedestal – its form demonstrates the versatility of an innovative new glass fibre-reinforced concrete known as fibreC.

VTOL was shaped with the aid of a set of software tools especially developed by KRAM/WEISSHAAR in order to manufacture unique parametric concrete objects rapidly, and flexibly. In this regard VTOL it can be seen as the successor of the VENDÔME project introduced several months prior at Design Miami/ Basel in 2008, as both projects question employ process-oriented software to question the static properties of concrete as a design material.

KRAM/WEISSHAAR designed, developed and implemented the large-scale public installation VTOL in close collaboration with Rieder Smart Elements.

VTOL is constructed using an innovative glass fibre-reinforced concrete called fibreC. The material can be thought of as a concrete skin, and demonstrates the best properties of both glass fibre and concrete. Constructed purely from mineral raw materials, the material is environmentally-friendly, thin yet solid and durable, malleable, and extremely light.

Concurrent to the Vienna Design Week installation at the Liechtenstein Museum, Sotheby’s exhibited works by KRAM/WEISSHAAR under the title Economies Of Scale at the city’s Palais Wilczekin July, 2009.